"I couldn’t pick a song from the new Lower Spectrum EP so this is just an all encompassing Lower Spectrum post wherein you opt for full immersion in the five track EP instead of a single track / toe in the water. Highlights? Ohhhh, hard to say really. Probably Cathedral, Levity, Khlever, Nocturnal and Glimmer. So all of them. All the tracks are the best tracks.

This is quite an exceptional EP indeed. It’s six tracks of reasonably pure footwork though the defining strength of the release isn’t in its adhesion to a format, its in the moments that it strays apart. The consistent inclusion of live drums is an inspired production choice, the likes of which we haven’t seen since David Cameron decided to cast Elijah Wood as the main Avatar in the movie Avatar. And that was a long time ago now, so maybe you’re starting to grasp the seriousness with which I’m treating this release. If I learned just one single thing from watching Avatar (and I assure you, I learned several) it’s that our individual decisions can greatly affect the planet that we live on and sometimes even other planets that have more advanced civilizations. So when a fella like old Lower Spectrum (real name Ned Beckley) goes and pops real live tracked drums on his electronic music EP there’s the potential for mountains to be leveled and dynasties to be toppled. At the very least my longstanding dynasty of not listening to Lower Spectrum repeatedly for the past week is now dust. Is now the right time to tell you that those harp sounds on EP opener ‘Levity’ aren’t pulled straight from a sample kit? You heard it true, that’s a real life harp folks. Now you’re starting to get it aren’t you, this outfit is closer to a band than a producer. And by outfit, I mean ‘one guy’. THIS IS CRAZY! Could it all be true? Surely not.

Well, the bad news is that it’s not all true- turns out that drum track isn’t wholly acoustic but if it’s good enough to fool me it’s good enough to receive these mountains of praise. If you truly just don’t have time to listen to this thing from start to finish then I recommend kicking things off with ‘Cathedral’. You better not be won’t be disappointed.”


"Lower Spectrum is the project of (now) Perth resident Ned Beckley, whose work we’ve featured on Indie Shuffle before. The prolific producer has already released a number of EPs and remixes. His most outstanding piece of work, Traces, debuted just last week.

Beckley’s music is some of the more challenging and expansive in Australia’s booming electronic scene, with feature track “Glimmer” a good example of his talent. His musicianship and structure are top notch, creating soundscapes of substance that entrap the listener. He’s quickly becoming known as the Australian Nicolas Jaar, and after a listen to this, I’m sure you’ll see why.

Make sure to check out the entire Traces EP for some of the most impressive dark electronica you’ll come across.


"James Cameron’s one of those dudes that’s got a hard on for adrenaline. The twenty-something street racer gone Terminator creator has been obsessed with the real-life Abyss for years, combining his experience (and wealth) to travel further into unknown depths. Perth’s own electronic aural abseiler Lower Spectrum has clipped the carabineer on and pushed off into a gemstone-lit maze of a cave with new EP Traces.

The seven track EP floats a new adventure since last year’s release Little Appeal. With less transparency and more sharp turns, Traces holds as much surprise as those rappelling into Wonderland. Lower Spectrum AKA Ned Beckley has pulsed future choir sounds into warm synth-laden bass rhythms that can be found in the flashlight-armed track Nocturnal, whilst the EP’s single ‘Khlever’ creates exotic texture-evolving descents.

The alpine-sized sound in its unique complexity still remains darkly dance-worthy and warm. Out on independent label Zero Through Nine the EP can be downloaded or pre-ordered in stalactite-clear vinyl and will make for the perfect soundtrack the next time you, Jimmy and tag-along Nolan head out for a spot of spelunking.”

"Lower Spectrum is Ned Beckley, a former Melbourne resident who made his escape to the sanctuary of Perth. I actually had a few different people send me Lower Spectrum tracks, dissociated from bias and the formalities of press releases – just purely vibing. Listen below and vibe for yourself." - See more at:

Reviews are difficult sometimes, in that an almost neutral mood has to be reached by the critic, a comfortable setting has to be found and focus has to be maintained so as to prepare for whatever sonic medley is about to be thrown your way. I was ready.

❝The opening track to Lower Spectrum’s release “Levity” infiltrates the senses gently as a distant lick of high end guitar plucking rises through the haze, accompanied by the addition of ominous sawtooth pad work, rising, moving and gripping until a climatic explosion is reached with the aid of crashing drums and a cosmic peppering of synth bleeps. This introductory track then takes to a gentle retreat in the same manner that it arrived. A strong, emotive introduction from the producer.

Khlever” follows on with a similar feeling of distention as pressure builds from the opening synth line into a four-four stomp of low end kicks and pops. Looped guitars accompany the opening pads melody and a further infusion of claps and hi-hats drive the track forward into the realm of dance-able, whilst still maintaining its somewhat psychedelic and entrancing allure.

From here the record abruptly shifts into the dark and moody “Hex” with 808 kicks popping off and 16th’s riding the hats into a march; sawtooth chords circulate on repeat and downward spiraling bleeps take the track almost into the realm of a 1980′s Sci-fi film score. There is a feeling however that this track is somewhat of a filler, as the repetition of notes almost subdue any feeling created by the previous tracks drive.

Que saving grace “Nocturnal” that opens with the now familiar ascension intro, this time bringing back that spacial cosmic feel with arpeggio beeps and angelic vocal chops, the drum line takes a more gentle approach with a slight swing of soft kicks and rim shots. A break in the tracks layers allow for a climatic build, until the full force of all instrumentation is combined into an epic and powerful medley of bass heavy drums and emotive orchestral strings. A great track that shows Lower Spectrum’s ability to create strong shifts in dynamics and mood.

Lo-fi Piano opens fifth track “Glimmer” that again takes us on a march of chopped vocals and heavy footwork, this time with more of a, dare I say it “Trap feel” due to the sudden breaks and build ups; the most mischievous track of the release.

The final piece entitled “Cathedral” is in my opinion the strongest track, an emotional, thought provoking medley of reverberated guitars, pads and wonderfully fluid live drums. A suitably climatic finish to a dramatic and enthralling release.

Altogether Lower Spectrum displays an ability to create emotive and retrospective experimental music that would suit both dance floors and the silver screen; there is a good level of diverseness, although some recurring elements in instrumentation on rare occasions can be somewhat repetitive. With the exception of “Hex” which feels misplaced amongst the other tracks, this is a strong release from a promising, exciting producer.❞


My mix i did for the Triple J Sound Lab last night is now up on SoundCloud. FREE DL. Hope you like these songs as much as i do.


Lower Spectrum is a conceptual composer that takes his surroundings and turns them into fuel. He turns landscapes into textures, atmosphere into ambience…”

Well-written review from 6amthegarage.

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